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Travis -

He really wanted to ask for an Appletini or a mic ultra. McCain's wife is an AB aire to a fortune so I don't think any of the candidates hold a lot of "Beer Cred". One positive thing I can say about AB - Availability of gluten free beer and organic beer for people who cannot get good beer readily available.

I know someone that just found out they have to go gluten free and they don't have a decent place to get beer. Because AB is carrying a gluten free beer, anyone that gets AB products can get GF beer.

It's a shame to drink bad beer, but not being able to drink beer at all, that's just sad.

McChowder -

Obama may have been saying this ironically. He does use that winking manner occasionally. Not that he actually likes craft beer, but he knows that ordering a designer beer in a bowling alley would get him murdered in the media, so he's making a joke about that.

This is a candidate who admitted his favorite TV show is The Wire, not the sort of thing you say when you want to pander to Joe Sixpack.

Paul of Kingston -

He knows his audience and makes the message fit. No flies on Obama for this one.