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The Beer Nut -

Well, if it's anything like the lagers from down in the Republic of Korea, Mr Kim may be doing us a favour by keeping this one to himself, humanitarian and all that he is.

Oh, and the appearance of a double rainbow and a new star in the heavens heralded my divine appointment as the glorious beloved leader of beer tickery. I trust you will have the thousands of dancing children performing the settling of a pint of O'Hara's in time for the big show next week.

Alan -

Oh dear. You shouldn't have done that. My instructions now are to tell you to report to the re-education camp.

The Beer Nut -

Oh no! Is it run by the BJCP?

Alan -

To even ask such a thing is to invite disaster!

Stonch -

<i>On a related note, is there a most glorious and beloved leader of beer tickery?</i>

I think there's a ticker royalty here in Britain. There are a handful of punters who have scored over 10,000 beers. I believe Gazza Prescott is most prominent among them.

Knut Albert -

I think you must go to Scandinavia to find the miost dedicated tickers. The Brits tend to tick cask ale only, but the die hard Swedes and Danes do not stop at that.Try this one: http://genericbrewery.blogspot.com/2008/03/celebrating-10000-reviews-on-ratebeer.html

Alan -

First Santa, now the King Ticker. What else won't ultimately be found to have a Norwegian home.