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Can you get Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye?

Not typical of the Rye style (if there can be said to be such a thing), but I suppose if you can't like Hop Rod, there would be little hope for you and rye beers!

Years ago local brewer Pizza Port Solana did a Smokey the Rye. Oh, my, is that memorable, even though they have never done it again. It was kind of crazy, sort of a rye ale brewed to a hefeweizen recipe, and, of course, some smoked malt (or smoked rye, I suppose). Amazing. Though it could have used more rye.

Did I mention I like rye beers?

Ethan -

I second the "I like rye," and double-secret-second the Hop Rod:
Best. Rye. Beer. I. Didn't. Make.

Of the last 20 beers I've made, about 18 of them have had some amount & type of rye in them. From seriously RYE! (like 25% of grain bill) to added as a touch/just for color (.5 oz of Chocolate Rye, e.g.), it's been my grain of experimental choice for a while now.

Wish I could have a Terrepin, too... it does get lots of BA love- and the Zymurgy BJCP panel liked it, too!

joel -

I recently did some comparisons with this against various pale ales and then some other rye beers. I really sarted to enjoy it more and more. Definately not as good as Founders Red's Rye but still a great summer beer.

Mike -

I third the Hop Rod Rye. Really a great Rye beer. Although the Rye Pale Ale is a great beer...My heart lies with Bear Republic. Not yet available in GA but the 5 Points Growler folks are working hard to get it pushed for and having it on tap for us masses to drink it at home fresh on draught. Look out for Rye whiskey Barrel aged rye beers as well. There is underground talk of Terrapin in the works with a side project.