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k mathew -

INRE: signing up?

this site looks like it's probably maybe a little bit fun?.
i don't see anywheres to register (old, going blind, yada yada), so i'll just ask if y'all wouldn't mind if an old golfer/brewer/man of all means (w/o the means) might hawk your bag for some laffs, recipes, banter, buzz, critique, general inebriation, party, fishing, shame, women, sports, et alia?
i/we just kegged up 23 gallons of swill, after an 9 year hiatus from the sport (injury timeout), and am looking to up my parameters of participation. (thank goodness i have kids (of legal status) willing to do the heavy lifting).
so, someone tell me this isn't a room full of beer snob hipster doofus wanna-be's that never-were; and, if not (as i can already see it ain't), instructions on becoming a (in)competent and (in)coherent member, mebbe?

looking 4ward to some "real" beer banter;
bullshipper (CAMRA member since 1st "crawl" across Yorkshire & Lincolnshire)

On Tap:
5 gal. "Don't Take Yer Suds To Town, Ruth* (beer wench & great friend)
(1.049 IG/1.010 FG) Light Wheat

5 gal. "Don't Shake Your Jugs In Town, Ruthie" (pending her permission, cuz she's got a set...)
(1.055 IG/1.011 FG) Nutcracker Wheat

5 gal. "Don't Be A Bitter Black Bear Beer"
(1.047 IG/1.009 FG) der Alt using "de-bittered" black malt

5 gal. "Special Bitter 69" (brewed 06/09, hah!)
(1.052 IG/1.012 FG) English bitter @ 04 lb of co2 (not fizzed overmuch)

(all 4 using Wyeast 1007 (german ale) from a great big starter).(great yeast = use it while ya got it, right?) the hop menu is a blur....Spalt & Cascade(sigh) in the Wheats, for sure. shortage of hops makes the other 2 not (a lot) so true to style, yet, here we go...the Alt has Centennial & Glacier (Americanized, i'm afeared); the Bitter has Newport & Cascade (again, shortage of what we'd like to have had)

Wyeast Rocks! great attentuation, quick ferment, settles very well.

so; may i play?

Alan -

You are most welcom to comment but this isn't really a chat site. I like to keep on topic. This is not to say I am overly formal but just not wide open. Does that work for you?

Paul of Kingston -

I love it when beer meets geology.

Actually, ice berg water is quite a muddy thing when melted out. Seems those glaciers (from whence the bergs came) are like giant bulldozers, churning up all that stand in their way and making alovely mix of frozen water and pulverized rock.

I thin kthat their claim of very soft water is probably quite true given the amount of ultra-fine dirt within the berg and the rind of frozen seawater that might also get into the mix.

k mathew -

a'ight. my brother's sons-in-law are opening a brewery in SE alaska, but no glaciers close enough to warrant dragging a 'berg behind the boat. they're tyros, but learning.
the boat & the brewery are called "easyhooker".
as far as using glacial water, i would hope it doesn't cast a bluish hue to the finished product.