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Paul of Kingston -

Someone I know has a beer fridge built right into th e basement of their house that uses the moderating temperatures of the earth itself as its only power source in keeping his stash at a drinkable level of cool.

I think my grandmother had one of these too but the silly bird used it for vegetables??

Alan -

Silly bird. My 1964 house is the last year apparently cold rooms were included in houses. It is well suited for the resting ales and lagers.

Paul of Kingston -

And you would be the someone.

Alan -

Root cellar temp really.

wisco brew -

What a poor idea. If I didn't have a beer fridge, then I would have to make many many more trips to the store to buy just 6 or 12 beers at a time. My fridge allows me to buy and stock several cases in one trip, eliminating much extra use of gasoline and thus saving more energy. Also, if I didn't have a beer fridge, where would I lager when I occasionally loose my mind and make a lagered homebrew? I need that temperature control and there sure isn't room in the main fridge!

adam -

ROTFL..."not really good at anyway"...

My father in law just said, "your electric bill must be very high" when looking at my fermentation fridge. WHAT...EVER! Sheesh! What about the beer? The beautiful beer?

(for the record it doesn't have to run much to maintain fermentation temps)

tom -

Drinking a cold beer is one of the best pleasures of why? Why can't the green lobby recognise this, realise there are far worse polluters and do something about them?
I just have to walk down the street and I see huge industrail chimneys polluting their wares. They should concentrate on that or the gas powered lawn-mower!
Most of us prefer to drink a cold Fosters or Molsten and rather see the grass grow as nature intended.