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Paul of Kingston -

The best beer festival that I won't be able to go to this year:

Empire Brew & Music Festival
July 11'th at Clinton Square, Syracuse NY.

If you could only make it to this one Al I know your life would change forever.

Bob -

I just got tickets to my very first beer fest. The Garden State Craft Brewers Guild Beer Festival, 21 June. I can't wait.

Ethan -

Yah, I'm sort of with you...

In grad school, (Tucson, AZ), we twice drove just north of Flagstaff to camp out and got to Made in the Shade- this was like 98, 99... There was a chili cookoff--a *real* chili cookoff, and serious beer geekery. I liked that alright.

My current local fest , though, not to slag in public or whatever, but it's a little too drunkariffic, in truth. I have to still be down, give props local-wise and all that, and I always get a few interesting fest-specific brews, but.. is it the times that have changed, or the place? Couldn't say. Still... there you go. They do raise a bunch of money for charity, to their credit.

The majority of my beers are contemplative and singular nowadays, too. Like this Green Flash Hop Head... mmmm.... heavy-duty dry-hop aroma!

Stonch -

"To be honest, they are sorta for the young"

That isn't true in the slightest, at least not here in Britain! They're packed with older blokes.

Alan -

Like Veg Stout?

Paul -

Stonch is right. They are packed with older blokes. Like me!