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JeffreyT -

Sounds Delicious! I will send my beer trapper out to get some.

The Beer Nut -

I tried this a couple of months back and quite liked it too.

It would be better to mix one's own, but this is produced for teenagers, not known for the lengths to which they'll go to blend the perfect alcoholic beverage. The website doesn't even recommend drinking it from a glass.

Alan -

Teens? I may be way past my "best before" date but it strikes me that 2.5% is no way to speak to that market. I see this as a drink for your great aunt.

jason -

fish in beer is bad enough but insects in beer?! e120 is cochineal or carmine.

The Beer Nut -

My grand aunt isn't quite so susceptable to der sexy interaktiv website mit der schneeboarding und all.

bullshipper -

holy shirt, Alan...i happened upon this blog and laffed @ the riding tandem with the random mania involved, yet, wow! do you ever sleep?
oh, well; anything to do with beer interests me.
peace, and good aleing.

Queen of the Universe -

UGH. This made me home sick for Germany. After living there for many years, it's hard to have to come back to the States and scour obscure places and sites for stuff that was readily available there.

Thank God you are here to help...:)

peter -

this beer is great where can i by it in the philadelphia area

Bjorn Block -

This product was given to me as a gift, I quite like it. Pleased to know that it is available in Alberta Canada stores thru AGLC governance.