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Smoove D -

I hope you enjoy the Red Sky at Night, it's been one of my favorite seasonals for a while. I first got into it after trying and liking Loose Cannon, while at the store I figured I'd pick up a six of Red Sky as well.

If you like the Red Sky at Night, you might also want to try Southern Tier's Cherry Saison. The cherry flavor is very mellow and in the background, which I really like. I figured the cherries would be over the top like their raspberry beers, but I'm happy to report they weren't.

The Beer Nut -

I can't imagine there being <i>any</i> context in which comparison to HP Sauce could be construed as anything but favourable.

A brewpub called "King Arthur's" would give me the screaming meemies, however, and I would be terrified at the prospect of having to order "Ye Olde" something-or-other. Or being served by a grown man in tights.

Do they have an alcohol-free lager that <i>used to be</i> the one made by Guinness? Y'know, some kind of ex-Kaliber?

Alan -

The funny thing about the name is exactly that. There isn't any reference to it in the service though the dining area as a few references. I noticed that another could of buildings in the town have castle-like architectural features so that is where it might come from. No tights.

Ian Guénard -

Hey Alan,

I'm the guy that sets-up the Ottawa trip to Rochester with the boys you speak of in your article. Maria sent me a heads-up by email. Hope to catch you there at some point, would love to have a few pints with you at some point. I used to have a beer blog myself (http://iguenard.spaces.live.com/) but got picked up by a pro website (http://www.bieresetplaisirs.com/). Check us out!

And much love for Maria and Dave, great great people with giant hearts!



Adam Read -

Hello, Alan. I'm the new brewer at King Arthur's and Maria was nice enough to send this link on to me. I do apologize for the limited selection, but rest assured that I have put three more brews on tap since last weekend, including a pale ale with a German malt profile that I'm fairly happy with. This is my first beer-related job as I just graduated from Siebel in the spring, so your encouraging words about the Summer Brown - incidentally, my first professional brew - were extremely appreciated. Anyway, please stop by again and introduce yourself. It's a ridiculously nervewracking experience subjecting yourself to the criticism of others, but any suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated. Thanks again!


Alan -

Don't worry about the nerves. I have always liked your brewery's work and that brown worked really well, too. Drop another comment anytime right here updating your brews. Happy to have you post.