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Jim Rizzo -

As an IT guy (and clearly someone who prefers craft beer), the benefit of free cases would totally not be worth it to me except to bring to parties or give to friends.

I do feel for those IT guys. The market is tough enough for IT with outsourcing... the last thing these guys need is to be outsourced.

Paul Garrard -

I'm in the Uk but I work for a US company. IT is run from the States in a very incomprehensible way, and with very little thought about international needs. Whilst it's never good to see people lose their jobs, it is good to see the tables turned. In my experience a large number of American have very little understanding of what lies beyond their borders.

Randy Ford -

The consolidation of companies will get much worse. There is little doubt in my mind the free beer benefit will be revoked. InBev is legendary for its no frills approach to business. I am currently completing a research paper which analyzes the previous 10 years or so of the two companies and why InBev was able to grow from a non-player into the largest brewer in the world and why Anheuser-Busch, who could have easily done the same did not. It's not a flattering analysis of AB, that's for sure.

I have many years of experience in IT and it should be almost a given that the United States based IT will be absorbed as the systems they use are combined or retired. If InBev, a truly international company, can operate from a central data center then there is no reason they cannot absorb AB this way as well.

Finally, in response to Paul, please. Why is it okay for you to paint American as uninformed based on your own narrowly informed opinion and it's not okay for Americans who might be uninformed to be narrow minded on international matters? Both views are ridiculous. I could just as easily state there are a large number of UK folks who have no clue about German politics or truly understand what happens within the United States. Attack facts with reason, don't make broad generalizations based on limited and unreliable information.

Alan -

Randy, every one of your statements in the last paragraph leaps away from the previous one. He did not make a broad generalization. Nor, differently, did he make a narrowly informed decision. Your two different reproaches do not reflect his statement that he works for a US company and that his statements were based on personal experience. You have expressed a crescendo of unhappiness which is not well founded.

That being said, I quite disagree with Paul and find, like wise personally, that Canadians and (yes) Englishmen that I have met equally informed and ill-informed on a wide range of subjects. People universally - including myself - are quite remarkable in their ability to be wrong and yet act upon that state of affairs with great confidence.

Mitch -

Paul seems like an... [Ed.: ...don't care...point already made...]