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Evan Rail -

Okay, let's get the beans out of the bag: yes, this is but a single episode on beer for an upcoming series on various human commodities on the Discovery Channel. The working title of the series is "Commodities," but they're not sure if that's going to stick, as it sounds like the series is about pork bellies, which it's not.

Thanks to Alan's email, I met up with the crew in the Czech Republic to serve as their location scout, fixer, translator, production assistant and on-air talent. It was an interesting experience. (In the sense my wife intends for that word when she says I have "an interesting accent" in Czech.)

I'm not so keen on TV, especially after getting a peek behind the curtain, but a Beer TV channel is clearly long overdue. I would like to take this moment to nominate Alan as director of programming. All in favor? Aye!

The Beer Nut -


And when did you say the TV show about pork bellies is on?

Alan -

On. Air. Talent. How excellent! It trips off the tongue. Clearly the central European and Irish news bureau chief roles are already tied up.