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The Beer Nut -

Why is it that every article like this repeats the publicans' propaganda? I swear people who write them have never been in an Irish pub or paid attention to what was happening there. I'm sure the smoking ban has had some effect. But why are people going to the supermarket? Because they get choice and value for money there which doesn't exist in pubs. Why is tax a problem? Because every time the government raises duty (which it doesn't do much) the publicans add a little more on the top for themselves for no reason other than greed.

Irish pub sales are declining because the pub offers a poor choice of low-quality product at unreasonably high prices. There is no competition between pubs and the licensing laws have made the industry into a cartel and any effort at liberalising it and making it easier to set up and run a pub has been fought viciously, and defeated, by the publicans and their high-powered political allies.

We may be a nation that will do anything for a drink, regardless of how it tastes or what it costs, but tastes are changing, bit by bit. Just, please, never ever trust a word the publicans say. They are the Irish drinker's second-worst enemy, after himself.

Thom -

The Beer Nut speaks the truth. The average Irish pub hasn't a thing to offer anyone with even a passing interest in decent beer. I was mulling this over the other night while I drank a bottle of Becks that cost me 6 euro. Guinness tastes of little or nothing nitrogenated and served as cold as it is. I only drink it as a last resort.

Stonch -

Pretty poor article in the LA Times, all things considered. Beer Nut speaks sense above. Clearly it's been badly reseached - the ref. to Guinness selling more in Nigeria isn't news. Nigeria is a country of over 140 million people ompared to Ireland's 4.1 million. It's long been a bigger market for Guinness-branded products (the Guinness sold in Nigeria is brewed in that country). Indeed the UK is a massively bigger market for Guinness than Ireland, and always has been.