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The Beer Nut -

I have a lawnmower Windhoek waiting in my fridge for the rain to stop.

That's not Nigerian Guinness (Foreign Extra) that Ron writes about, by the way. Special Export is contracted by John Martin's for the Belgian market and is a different beer.

I compared Special Export and Foreign Extra here, though the FE I had is the one made in Ireland mainly for our local Nigerian community rather than your actual sorghum-based Nigerian Foreign Extra.

Leo-oo- -

I had the Lager by Windhoek a few years ago - it was nice....

An african close to Nigerian Guinness is Castle Milk Stout

virgil g -

Does Miller count as an African beer?

Hunter -

Windhoek tastes amazing when you're in South Africa and the only other beers readily available are the (near undrinkable) Castle and Carling.

Leo-oo- -

Yep - you are right - Windhoek beats C&C ;-)

Alan -

A cousin from South Africa visited over the weekend and was well pleased to find a couple of these in the fridge.

anton meyer -

is there gluten in windhoek beer? if so can one measure how much?

Renier de Jongh -

I would like to contact the HR person at the brewery if anyone can assist.

Jamie Gillespie -

I writing to ask a question. I have been on holiday to namibia a few times and always enjoyed your excellent beer everytime i have been there. I am wondering if at all I can buy this back home in Scotland anywhere as I would like to buy some please can you let me know if at all you can buy it anywhere in Scotland.

Many Thanks

Jamie Gillespie

Paul E -

Namibia Breweries makes a whole range of beers for the Southern African
market ranging from the low alcohol Windhoek Light (somewhat disappointing) to the fuller Namibia Special, which along with Zambezi (used to be brewed in Zimbabwe, but I don't know if it still is) is probably amongst the best beer brewed in Africa south of the equator. I have no idea where the Windhoek Draft, available in tins in Europe, fits in to this

Nick -

We want to make an order of one truck from you beweries especialy the draught beer from kegs by 50 L. also big cans of Windhok draught and Taffi as well.
Thank you , please contact me at +263912568358 Nick or else send me your details.

jonas -

this beer is very great than anything else. i just love it and i believe that its only liqua that satisfy with a little harm. congrats breweries. FROM NAMIBIA

Lincoln Grimett -

I am looking for your marketing managers contact details, preferably email address. I have this idea for an advert that I think he will like.

chipepo chibesakunda -

I love this beer and am thinking of asking the brewers to adopt me!

jason van T -

Windhoek...enough said (the name says it all)

Edwin Meyer -

we have an annual function in Dundee KZN and serve ±500l of Draught beer used Bavaria and lately Hansa but not happy with SAB service, can you assist?

Bruno Ze Pitbull -

it tastes great, wont hang you over, and is the epitome of a real beer.