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Evan Rail -

Interesting. There are virtually no ales of any kind in the supermarkets of the Czech Republic, but our stores also stock cheap lagers. I think the difference is that our lagers are often cheap and good.

In Prague, my local shop has Lobkowicz Vévoda 11°, an excellent Pilsner-style beer, for 6.90 Kč per half-liter bottle. That works out to about $.40 / £.20 for just under a pint. It is not just something to fill the fridge with. It's remarkably good.

I'm very glad to hear that real ales are gaining. But I wonder if real ales might have trouble holding on to their recaptured ground if lagers like this were stocked at similar prices in British supermarkets. Given that the 50p beers are often just terrible, aren't these customers simply choosing quality, rather than the "real ale" style? Or to put it another way, if they were able to buy real lagers, would real ale still be gaining ground?

Knut Albert -

They would buy the crap with the most fancy advertising.
Amazingly there are drinkers around the globe that thinks Corona and Beck's are premium brands.