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Travis -

Wow, I can't believe that you have been able to sit on a bottle of Hop Rod Rye for any amount of time. That was my introduction to this brewery and it is incredible. It's got a nice dark tone to it from the rye. The rye and hops play nicely together. It's a damn fine brew. I might have to stop at Galeville on the way home and get me a bottle of this Black Bear.


Ian in Cowtown -

I've tried both this (on tap) and Hop Rod Rye. Both are great stuff. I think you'll enjoy it Alan.

I also tried Stephen's beer and port blend earlier this winter. 2 oz of LBV with 12 oz of Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout (a ratio of about 14% port to stout) makes great winter insulation. Really tasty and fits nicely in a 14 oz sleeve. I wouldn't have more than one though.