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Evan Rail -

Of course they got permission to use the photo and paid you for its use. Right?

Alan -

I think they have now seen the matter as needing to be considered in a corporate level way. But we are only discussing credit as the photo sorta sucks.

Evan Rail -

So they did not get permission? They just swiped your photo and used it without asking you? And they didn't credit you either?

The quality of the photo is a nonissue. It wouldn't matter if, hypothetically, the articles in BeerAdvocate sorta sucked (not that they do -- I'm just saying hypothetically).

If I took a sort-sucky article and copied it into one of my columns without crediting the magazine, I'm sure that would be a *big* problem for them.

This must be just a goofy little mistake. They've already sent you a big wet apology, right?

Alan -

They are certainly looking into this. I am sure that the right thing will be done.

Stan Hieronymus -

Evan is right, the quality if not an issue.

If anything the ongoing low quality of your product shots - stop to smile - illustrates that taking photos of bottles and glasses of beer together is not all that easy.

I suspect that it would have taken only a simple e-mail, in advance, and you would have granted permission and been happy to get credit, correct?

It is doubly disappointing given that BA's roots are no different that yours.

Alan -

It is true - I still have my punk credibility and I seriously doubt they were buying Sex Pistols albums in 1977.

I appreciate the quality point and I do think I have improved muchly over the last four years - but it is a constant reminder of how very hard to do well. Interesting to point out that I do not think there has been bottled Freeminer DSS in the US since then as all reviews I have seen are draft and my emails with the brewer back then indicated that they were only working on their distribution through Rogue on other bottles in their lineup.

Paul Arthur -

Do note that many of the photos on BA are submitted by community members. While the rules for uploading say "DO NOT UPLOAD copyrighted images or images from other websites", it's relatively easy for an unscrupulous (or lazy, or ignorant) person to upload someone else's photo, and unless the photo is watermarked or the person approving it recognises it there's no way to tell it came from a website.

Alan -

Oh that could be true but in this case another photo of the Freeminer beer is shown with the reviews. And this is the magazine not the website. And wouldn't the response have been, if that were the case, that "Joe X told us it was his to give us!"

Evan Rail -

Well, if another photo is shown with the on-line reviews at BA, and if it is Alan's photo in the magazine, this last explanation from Paul makes no sense whatsoever.

I would be surprised if the guys at BA didn't send you a case of something really great as a way of apologizing. This is about a stout, so I'd think a box of something like Surly Darkness would be perfectly dulce et decorum.

The BA guys are not cheaters, and they're not cheapskates. They would have to understand that they infringed upon your intellectual property rights, however accidentally, and I'm sure they're going to make it up to you post-haste.

Alan -

Quite so - and I would be happy with both the credit and a simple means to regularize this. I see no reason why good BAers can't submit photos for use. Just need a handy web uploader thingie.

But if beer giving is really insisted upon, I would be quite happy with the Freeminer stout. It is one of the best beers I have ever had - such tightly multilayered goodness, like licking shale side on.

Stan Hieronymus -

Alan, I suspect that many, maybe even most, people who would write "like licking shale side on" would not be describing "one of the best beers I ever had."

Alan -

Then that is my gift to the world!

Alan -

BTW - that is a distinct recollection I had when drinking the beer that triggered an images of a specific hill side in Kings County, Nova Scotia which had a shale seam exposed right by a turn in the dirt road. The stone was dark thin and flaky like good pastry.