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Travis -

Whenever I try and introduce my friends to barley wine, generally they are not into it. It's an intense experience and does require some maturity to try and translate all those crazy flavors into something tangible. I like'em.

Alan -

I like them OK but I just don't hunt them out and the same place in my life is more often filled by a wee dram of whisky.

Travis -

You know, I expected I would get the same way, but I still am ape-shit over them. I don't like beers that hit you in the nose with too much of everything in most cases, but this one is the exception.

Alan -

I'll check out a new one or two tonight to see if my opinion shifts. I have a Stone OG and the Avery one but both are 22 oz'ers and I want to be somewhat capable Saturday morning.

Neil -

Hey Alan. I've never tried sherry before. Could you recommend a reasonably-priced brand or two that the LCBO carries, whichever is the most barleywinesque?

Alan -

If you are near an LCBO with a vintages corner you would be better off. You are looking for a sherry with the word amontillado or maybe oloroso for the comparable degree of sweetness to a barley wine.