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BambiNY -

This has apsolutely nothing to do with this blog....I'm so sorry for interupting. But if someone could please give me a hand here...I have a quick quick question. My vet did me a huge favor with one of our pets last week and I need to get him a gift. He moved here from England a few years ago...I wanted to buy him a case of beer to remind him of home. Could somebody please help me out with this one? I have no clue on whats a good Enlish beer...or what they drink at the pubs. I live close by 'Beers of the World' (was mentioned on this site) so I'm sure they would have just about anything you suggest.
Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Boak -

Tempted as I am to recommend obscurities, you can't really go wrong with the Fullers range. Some would say it's better in cask (it usually is) and others would say it should be bottle conditioned (it'd be nice) but it's still pretty good in plain old pasteurised form.

Unless he isn't an ale drinker of course!

Alan -

If you are in the Rochester area and can get to Beers of the World, I would suggest you go for a mixed case. They have a huge stock and many beers are offered by the single bottle. Have a eye as always for the best before dates and take the beer from the cooler if you can. The other thing you could do is get a gift certificate to Rohrbach Brewing, a brewpub I can highly recommend.

BambiNY -

Alan...what a good idea about a mixed case! I didnt know you could do that. I'll check for dates and taking it from the cooler...what if it gets warm? Is it just a myth that beer gets 'skunked'?
Boak...also thank you, I'll get him Fullers too.
I went on an international chat site...asked some old guy from whales what they drink at the pubs there....he told me Stella and Kronenberg 1664. I looked them both up and seems to be beer from France. Who knows....
But thanks for advice...if anyone knows of anymore please let me know..I'm going to BOTW tomorrow.

Smoove D -

I give up. Why can't you buy beer in Maryland on Mondays? I thought Georgia was ridiculous, but that takes the cake.