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Evan Rail -

Great post. I just wrote something about the Czech brewery Primátor, which had a presentation last night to show off their new labels. They invested in a good graphic designer who knows what he's doing and the new versions are much, much easier to read. Before, all the brewery's beers pretty much looked alike, from the 4% ABV daily drinker to the 10% ABV Double dark lager. If you wanted to buy the former and instead grabbed the latter, you might be very surprised, to say the least.

The new labels all clearly say "Primátor" in large type, then the name of the beer. Different colors make it easier for consumers to recognize the one they prefer. It's a welcome change.

Whereas the Strakonice brewery has very confusing labels that say either "Dudak" or "Nektar" or "Strakonice," or sometimes the Czech equivalent of "City Brewery," without telling you which city brewery it is. Unless they fix their labels, those guys are going to have trouble.

Ron Patinson -

Old labels were one of the things that prompted me to poke around in the archives. I wanted to know more about the beers behind the labels. There's always a thrill when I can match a beer from the logs to a label.

Jiri Kunc -

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