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Have you read The Unbearable Nonsense of Craft Beer - A Rant in Nine Acts by Alan and Max yet? It's out on Kindle as well as Lulu.

Maureen Ogle said this about the book: "... immensely readable, sometimes slightly surreal rumination on beer in general and craft beer in particular. Funny, witty, but most important: Smart. The beer geeks will likely get all cranky about it, but Alan and Max are the masters of cranky..."

Ron Pattinson said: "I'm in a rather odd situation. Because I appear in the book. A fictional version of me. It's a weird feeling."


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Joe Lencioni -

RSS -- Google Reader

Stan Hieronymus -

rss - I'm subscribed twice, once through Feed Demon and also through Firefox Live Bookmarks.

Craig -

RSS through Google Reader as well.

Jordan Crouse -

RSS through Google Reader - the only way to fly

TC -

I'm another Google Reader guy.

Cameron Clark -

RSS through Google Reader

Spencer Thomas -

RSS -- Google reader. Except when I want to comment, of course, or when I'm sending a link on to someone else, then I come to the blog itself.

Andy D -

Another for RSS via Google Reader

ron hendricks -

This is my first visit. I found you because I was searching for information about beer in China. I live in China and I drink beer.
Ron Hendricks
aka General Rongwei

josh from flying dog -

i'm also a google reader guy. i've always found that hits don't always translate into actual users - a lot of hits can be spam commenters. I know that the captcha deters them, but perhaps that doesn't stop them from trying...

Brian -

Google reader for me - makes it easier to follow of the beer blogs out there!

Tom Scotney -

RSS through Google Reader

Paul Garrard -

Through the blog from my favourites, most days.

Knut Albert -

Through the link on my blog. I use the wordpress platform for my blog now, where there are some nifty statistics about the traffic.

Alan -

Thanks everyone - please keep it coming as this is instructive. And, Josh, you are quite correct: hits are a mug's game. I used to figure that real to spam was around a 17% ratio. Far less I am imagine now.

kevin -

Google Reader

brendan -

Google Reader here.

Darcy -

RSS - Google Reader, sometimes via bookmark in Firefox

Paul of Kingston -

Through favorites on my IE.

Max -

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David -

Typically alerted to new posts via my RSS client (NetNewsWire). If I want to read in depth, and follow comments I'll usually bring it up in my web browser. NNW is perfectly capable of handling it, but I often will follow links I want to bookmark in the browser. I also open all the blogs I link to daily in the browser.

John Hoffoss -

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I get here through the link posted on my blog.

Scott s -

Google Reader!

Brad Goddard -

RSS feed from Safari reader.

Travis -

I use Google Homepage (iGoogle) which is a variation on Google Reader. Does anyone else use that when they are saying "Google reader"?

Frank McDonald -

I have you bookmarked in Firefox. I usually 'check in' once a day to see whats new. There are 13 beer blogs bookmarked in my browser.

James -

RSS, Google Reader

Adam @ Beer Bits 2 -

Via the a link on my site http://beerbits2.blogspot.com.

Jeff -

bookmarks in Firefox - I have about a dozen to 18 beer blogs in the beer/blog folder - check in periodically, about once a week or so.

Tony -

RSS via BlogLines

wittaker -

Favorite on IE

Dave -

RSS google reader

Steve -

RSS via Google Reader - checked daily

Sean -

Via NetVibes.

Darrell Glaser -

It's one of a few homepages.

Aisha -

RSS via Bloglines...can't seem to get into Google Reader :)

Josh -

Bookmark in Firefox

Paul -

I'm also using Firefox live bookmarks to subscribe.

Rob -

Hey Alan, I use RSS feed via Nevibes.

Alan -

This is great and a little surprising. Keep it coming.

E.S. Delia -

Google Reader. With my personal laptop on the fritz, i've been a lot less frequent, though.

Grey -

Netvibes user here, so RSS for me.

Peter -

RSS - Bloglines.

Danny -

First time visit. I got here through Beer Culture- the Czech Beer Blog. http://www.praguemonitor.com/beer/
Keep up the good work!

Bob -

RSS via BlogLines

Johannes Roy -

I keep coming back here through google. You are definetely the most objective of internet beer connoisseurs(however you spell that... I'm french-canadian, but I'm never sure about these... words. Like uh "coup d'etat" n stuff... ya know, "menage a trois". Either way, you can disregard this for it it likely that, once polled about beer. I'd probably represent the desperate minority who prefer strong, flavourfull beer and able to appreciate them individualy. I Suppose caramel and hops can mean different thing to different palattes but when we speak of oranges, figs and nutmeg, the ability to discern is available to only a distinguished few. I believe you are one of them. Either way. When you praise a beer, I agree to it's merits. When you are unsure, I notice something is not quite right. When you say "no", I don't even bother because I trust your judgement. Excellent blog.

Long live beer.

Alan -

How kind! I have to thank my forefathers who were servants in great houses in Scotland, one of whom trained at Cordon Bleu about a century ago, all of whom passed down a love of tasting long before I got into beer.

Big Hint: if you want to try to find out the figgy flavours in beer, for example, you have to east figs - fresh and dry and all the varieties you can get your hands on. Same with dates and honey styles and coffees and plums... To learn more about what is in your beer glass, trying many different ingredients of food is really important. "Tasting kits" will not cut it.

Jason Nota -

I enjoy reading about beer. This is one of a few beer sites that I bookmarked.

Perno -

RSS via Google Reader, your blog was recommended by Google based off of the other blogs I read which include lifehacker, engadget, and kotaku to name a few.