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Knut Albert -

The map does not have any scale, but surely it would be better to have goods, including staples such as beer, delivered from the next town instead of running out? If there was one road into this place I would feel pity for them!

Alan -

We have remote roads but they are mainly in the arctic and seasonal as they need the ground to be frozen, though Wawa to Thunder Bay would be a hard run in the winter - everyone I knew who backpacked warned not to bother hitchhiking that stretch. It looks from the link under "highway" that it is a 550 km run from the coast east to the town.

Knut Albert -

It's a matter of planning. In Svalbard (more famous now after the Golden Compass movie) they get their supplies in by ship before the ocean freezes. And they make sure they stock up on beer!

Alan -

Things are worse than I thought down under.