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Greg Clow -

The "probably the best beer in the world" thing is actually Carlsberg's long-used slogan in the advertising for their regular lager. The article was just poorly structured, making it look as if it was a quote of Carlsberg about the new beer.

Either way, I agree that the price is pretty ridiculous. For 400 bucks, I'll be expecting something a little extra with my beer. I'm not sure exactly what, mind you, but it better be something really good whatever it is.

Alan -

I know that but, as you point out, wrong in the general and the specific. I even got emails today with beer fan photos on how stunned a slogan it is. "Probably": what a bad word in a branding.

Greg Clow -

Yeah, I've always found it to be a bad slogan as well. "Possibly" would've been a much better choice, I think. It has a better tone than "probably", but still covers their asses in those countries with strong truth-in-advertising laws.

Alan -

Ha ha! Maybe we need to suggest some other weasel words:<ul><li>"Could well be..."</li><li>"As likely as not..."</li><li>"As good a candidate as any others for..."</li><li>"Arguably if you don't dig around too much..."</li></ul>

Paul Garrard -

If it is a lager the anything over £2.00 ($4.00) is too expensive !
There will be people who will buy it just because it's expensive, and they'll never dare say it's horrible. King's new clothes syndrome.

Nils -

I agree on the beer but I have always thought that the Carlsberg slogan is the best! It's so down to earth. No fake promises there! The only slogan I could imagine could beat this one is: "It's good for you!"

mint -

the best marketing slogan i've seen for an alcoholic beverage has to be Hendricks Gin.

"Preferred By 1 Out Of 1000 Gin Drinkers"

it's actually pretty clever, in the context of a premium priced small batch product using some very unusual botanicals in the recipe. like roses and cucumber.

in that context, the slogan is almost sounds like dare.