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Ron Pattinson -

How odd we should both post about Burton.

The 666 looks about the right colour. Strange that the brewery should describe it as a Pale Ale given that it's brown.

I'm not sure what you could classify Sam Smith's Winter Welcome as. It's certainly not the right colour for a Burton.

Zythophile -

The give-aways for identifying a Burton Ale, apart from colour (dark amber/cornelian) are a definite sweetness coming through the hop biterness, and a distinct fruitiness, which is the real identifier. Sometimes, in poorer examples, you can get a tinny or metallic flavour, which I have seen remarked upon as a characteristic of Burtons in a book from the 1930s. Although modern drinkers wouldn't categorise them so, even in the 1950s Burtons were described as "of the pale ale class", apparently in contrast to stouts and porters.

Alan -

This may well be the beast, then...as it were.

irishkyle -

They way the bottles are placed in the picture and they way you describe the color of the beers does not make sense to me. "As you can see, the Winter Welcome 2007-08 is much lighter, the dark amber orange ale sitting under white foam and rim. By comparison, the 666 is darker - chestnut with a fine rich tan rim and foam".

The Great Lakes 666 is the lighter colored beer and the Winter Welcome is much darker.

irishkyle -

Nevermind my post. The mistake was on my end of things.

Alan -

No problem. I am the possessor of a "right" and "the other right" so I do the same thing.

CanadianAmerican -

I live in Ontario, and this is my favorite Canadian beer at the moment. Unlike most Canadian brews, this beer has a bit of a punch.

steve hogel -

i was just wondering if the devils pale ale was still available

Damien -

i was wondering how i can order a case to try, im in thunder bay so if you can email me that would be great!!!

Alan -

You should be able to ask for it at your LCBO.

glenn beck -

where can i get this ale in nova scotia

John -

Devil's Pale Ale is available year-round at most LCBO stores in Ontario from Ottawa to London to Collingwood (no Thunder Bay yet). Damien, ask your local LCBO about it - they might be able to transfer a case from another store for you.

Unfortunately it is not available in any other provinces at this time.

We've been tweaking the hops lately, resulting in a hoppier aroma and taste. Hope you enjoy it!

Alan -

Thanks John! It is a favorite of mine but will have to revisit given your tweeking update.

wk -

Come on! This is a cheap marketing ploy by calling it 666 - The Devil's Brew! It's aimed at the naive young teen easily swayed by any reference to 666! and -gasp-Satan!!!. The comments by "reviewers" are laughable - can't you see it's a gimmick. The beer by the way tastes like piss - Ok - I'll play along - it tastes like the DEVIL'S PISS. OK!

Alan -

What a silly moo you are.

Craig -

This is by far my favorite ale. I avoided it for the longest time because of the "666 on a black tall-boy can" package which brought back memories of a Heavy-Metal youth where one would buy the highest alcohol percentage at the lowest cost which would mean you would usually revisit the consumed swill by about 3 am. I tried a can - what a shock - a truly great brew in the English strong ale tradition - tasty with a hint of heat, just enough to make it an enjoyable experience - not what I was expecting from 6.2 percent. Makes me wonder why the"HELL" it is packaged the way it is at such a low price - oh well, today's heavy metal kids will have a truly fine "Burton style" pale ale to complement their head banging activities.

Alan -

Greg has revisited 666 and, sadly for me, the maltiness has been highjacked in a rethink of the beer.

ed -

This is an excellent beer, still available at the LCBO. It's hopped like crazy, but in a good way. Just the right blend of bitter and fragrant. A good long boil with a nice finish, I guess.

Mark -

I love this beer. Unfortunately I have been unable to find it for months. Hopefully it'll become available in the Hawkesbury area again.