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eac -

<blockquote>given that the hop shortage is an interim measure until plantings start to catch up</blockquote>

er, it's pretty optimistic of you to think prices will come down when hop production increases, n'est pas? Still, your overall point is a good one (for those of us who subsist on only beer & water.)

Alan -

Well, everyone else is saying how this is just supply and demand, right? No one would take advantage of the situation or, err, continuing to maintain a price hike after the conditions causing the hike no longer continue...like we are seeing with the gasoline supply.

Paul -

Lindemans Tea Beer just doesn't stand a chance, price rises from all angles!

chapka -

It's not just drinks, either. Flour is twice as expensive as it was a year ago, and bakeries are having to raise their prices. Even if hops return to their 2006 prices, barley probably won't. The same is true of pretty much any food product you can name.

Ethanol subsidies are probably to blame for some of the problem, but population growth and increased prosperity in the former third world mean that other people can afford to buy decent food as well. Expect to pay a lot more at the grocery store for just about everything for the foreseeable future.

Alan -

That should be great news for Canada, given that we are a land of idle grain producing capacity at least in the eastern areas. Back to the land, I say!