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Paul -

"<i>I contend that pie is the single greatest word in the English language</i>" - What even greater than beer?
You can't beat 'a pie and a pint', a great combination. Add chips and mushy peas and you are in heaven!

Stonch -

The pie is under threat from bastardised versions served in pubs. A bowl with a pastry lid is NOT a pie.

Alan -

Hence the need for a festival - nay, a tent revival. I have often daydreamed of a pub, in fact, that only sold pies but had a variety of hundreds. Wasn't there a UK cop show in the '90s set in an all-pie restaurant?

Frank McDonald -

Where is the "Campaign for Real Pie" when you need them?

Evan Rail -

Weirdly, I've been to Beverley. Actually, they have one of the greatest pubs in the world there: Nellies, aka the White Horse Inn. It's still lit by gas lamps, they have the original (very uneven) stone floors and they serve Sam Smiths in good condition; if I remember correctly, they have snooker and darts in the back room. The place is just outstanding, worth a trip to Beverley all on its own.

If someone works in pies as well, I'm there.

martin bo petersen -

European Beer Festival
Copenhagen 12th - 14th of September 2008

There is less than 10 months to European Beer Festival in Copenhagen and the preparations are up and running.

At this website you will on a regular basis be able to follow the progress. As of now you can already find information about transport, ticket prices and more general info.

Alan -

How are the pies?

Mike Massey Jnr -

i never thought that a pie festival would satisfy me as much as it did,
i really love pies ,i even have my own pie tube which i transport them lovely pies to work in.
looking forward to the next pie festival , mike massey !AMIMI