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Knut Albert Solem -

I do not boast of my photos, but I am lucky on occation. I use cheap and simple pocket cameras, but I am getting better at spotting motives.

Evan Rail -

While I completely agree with you about what good art can do for a story, for my part, this thing has autofocus, you know? I just kind of point it where I want it to go and hope I won't have to parallel park when I get there.

But Dave Yoder, who shot the Germany story and the Kölschkranz... now that guy can shoot.

Paul -

I find that beer and photography for me just don't mix. Poor eyesight and a few beers inside me usually makes for mostly blurred pictures. Bad lighting is a handicap as well, so I am in awe of those that produce such amazing snaps.

Alan -

Knut, if that is true about the quality of your camera, I am even more impressed.

Evan, I was going to mention that it could well be congenital and that you don't necessarily obsess about it. But you've likely picked up more than a trick or two in the trade at least through osmosis.

Paul, I am a big believer in two things. One is set the camera up on a make-shift tripod and let the camera take a longer exposure. The other thing that I do is I take a huge number of photos. The other day I deleted 1500 pictures that I had taken in the last five months or so that were just all the extras or not-as-successful takes of that stuff I had posted. I figure in that 1500 there might have been ten good ones overcoming my own shaky hand syndrome (aka SHS).

Travis -

Yea i take really shitty pictures, often with my camera phone. As a "Homebrewer Blog" or Brew Log, I lean towards quantity, not quality. I try to take as many pictures as possible because I am better at following images than the written word. It's a personal preference that plays out in my blog.

Alan - I am a fan of your writing other than the fact that I often read it while I am at work and it makes me thirsty.


Stonch -

I take mine on my battered mobile phone. As such they are all shit.