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Spencer Thomas -

The real question seems to be "why is it called a <i>label</i> in English?" In all the Indo-European rooted languages supported by Google translate, the word is a cognate of <i>etiket</i>:
French: etiquette
German: Etikett
Spanish: etiqueta
Italian: etichetta
Greek: ετικετα

Etymologyonline.com says, of label, that it came "from O.Fr. label, lambel "ribbon, fringe".

More than you wanted to know, probably.

Alan -

No, my question is not about etymology that but the relationship between "etiquette" and the act of labelling - the etymology of connotation perhaps. There is a notion of courtesy that is being implied I would expect but the history of the shift in meaning is what I was getting at.

Lew Bryson -

"Wheat cream"? What's wheat cream, precious? Is it good to eat?

Alan -

One can only write "a nod to cream of wheat" so often. You do have cream of wheat in Pennsylvania, dontcha?