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Owd Müller -

"Wake and Bake" is a cannabis culture reference. It basically means you wake up and get high (baked). I'm guessing they caught some flak and decided to change the name. Would have been nice if they could of come up with a new name that wasn't so bland.

The Beer Nut -

Jeebus! You wouldn't get two bottles of that class of beer for CA$9 here, and you be looking at nearly twice that for a six pack of Samuel Adams or Goose Island.

It's a good job our salaries are delivered by wheelbarrow each month.

Steve -

I heard there was a short supply of Wake-n-Bake this year due to a bottling line malfunction. Terrapin usually makes about 200 barrels of this beer, but this year they were only able to yield 120. That would explain your shop's short supply. Also, Owd, dead on with the reasoning behind the name change. Big thanks to our local GA government for keeping us safe from those words!

effus -

Nine USD for four beers? That sounds like a bargain! At the local supermarket a six pack of stout will me back about 40USD. A pint of lager at the pub goes for 9 to 10 USD. That's Norway for ya, and that's why we're makin' our own.

Alan -

Holy Moly!!! Do Norwegians get paid 300,000 USD a year on average? We in Ontario, Canada would pay 12 bucks, say, for a six-pack of McAuslen Oatmeal Stout.

Josh -

I figured the pot reference was the reason behind the name change. Silly beer name laws. Wasn't there a discussion of a beer having to change it's name because the name had the word "big" in it, except as in Big Al's brew for example not Big Stout.

It's just hard for me to get to these beers that cost this much when I can get a lot of different varieties of Bell's for 9 bucks a 6 pack.

Ron -

I agree about Old Rasputin, it is top notch in my book. Its high rating will soon be on my website Beer Blitz at www.beerblitz.com. Expedition Stout by Bell's and Siberian Night by Thirsty Dog are also awesome. Here in Ohio Expedition Stout is 15 bucks a six pack, but Siberian Night is only 8 for a six pack, probably the best stout for the money ever. I am sorry to say here in Ohio at least - Old Rasputin has jumped on the "four pack" bandwagon.