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Fatman -

Lovely beer indeed. Just don't believe the guff that it's the only IPA in England. Ramsgate & Dark Star have been brewing them for years.

E.S. Delia -

I love the fact that this can be a Fuggles and Goldings hop bomb, as opposed to one using only US hops. Don't get me wrong, I dig an incredibly bitter and citrusy beer hopped with Cascade, Chinook, Centennial, etc. etc., but this was rather refreshing when I gave it a go because it was off the beaten path for me. An aggressively hopped English IPA with an abundance of complexity; good stuff.

Boak -

This is one of our alltime favourite beers. Lovely stuff.


Alan -

I think that bitter green goes by "roquette" in the UK.

Knut Albert -

Yes, it is a great beer. It must also rank high on the top ten list of heaviet beer bottles ever. Not suitable for air transport.
And it reminds me I still have one London beer review left, the Greenwich Union, brewery tap of Meantime. Classy place.

crazy one -

fatman, know your beers before you make ill informed posts.

a real IPA has hoppig units over 60EBU at least and over 7%

Ramsgate and dark stars are NOT true IPAs