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Hilton Lyons -

All beer prices used to be the same. then the brewers were allowed to set there own price and some of the small guys came up with a buck a beer and the big guys had to match that with some of their brands. Looks to me like the big guys got to the government.

Rob Creighton -

Remember, ABInbevSABMillerCoorsMolson have been losing $10.00 a case since the buckabeer phenomena started. That is right off there bottom line. They are behind this without question. They are hardwired to the Premiers office.

Eric Bennett -

"If alcohol is too cheap, you may abuse it."
That's just government BS! Take a look at this excellent article detailing how the Ontario government is raking in tax revenue on beer - http://www.thestar.com/printArticle/454722
I am now living in Ontario but born and raised in Quebec and I can tell you that lower beer prices and availability in grocery stores is not creating rampant alcohol abuse there.
I also recently traveled to China and enjoyed 640ml bottles of quality beer at 40 cents CAD purchase in grocery and corner stores. That is equivalent to $5.00 for a case of 24 - I didn't see the Chinese abusing alcohol en masse either!

Jack Girard -

If it's all about social responsibility as stated by by the LCBO (read Ministry of Finance) then a much more important target should be the fast food outlets. Innumerable studies have shown that their products are causing obesity in our children and immeasurable health problems in adults. This, of course, results in astronomical costs to our health care system. So when can we expect to see a minimum price for burgers, fries, fried chicken, etc.?

Alan -

Oh, I see - your independent but government owned booze monopoly raises prices because the government asks because the industry asks. Nice independent system.

mac casselman -

why can all the rest of the provinces in canada sellbeer in stores over a bar by case ,our liquoir laws are 40 yrs. behinde times something should with the.I drive truck cross border if any of the people ever realized how much beer is made in canada shiped to usa by truck and rail they would be flabergasted a24 of beer loaded on atruck takened to fla. tex. ga.costs $8.13 a keg holds 7 1/2 cases $13.10 made in can..all you peoplle that travle to the states know what beer and liq.cost ther.bottom line is the goverment is ripping the cand. people off as always.one other thing do you people who go to work every day get paid 150.00to show like our goverment does plus all benefits,holidays and after 6yrs. can you retire with a full pension not likely,time to take a stand!!!