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Ben -

Interesting concept. It's always fun to make comparisons like how many beers equal a foot long hot dog in terms of calories. Although, I don't think it will prevent me from drinking a few beers this weekend. In my opinion, if someone is that worried about calorie counting, they should do a little exercise or just stop drinking 5 beers 4 nights a week.

By the way, great blog.

Thomas -

But what beers did I have tonight Anchor 'Our Special Ale' and Heavy Seas Winter Storm, somehow I suspect their calories are off ;-)

Alan -

Another issue. The onion bhaji scale is not flexible enough to establish there are beers and beers.

Amy -

Very cute site. I don't know what a jaffa cake is. It looks like a chocolate glazed doughnut. Actually a beer and a doughnut would taste pretty good together but be even less healthy.

Alan -

Light pound cake cookie with orange marmalade on top all covered in chocolate. They are good.

siggy -

i dont think that anyone drinks beer for health reasons. they drink it to get slizzurd like a lizzard, plain and simple. if i wanted to maintain healthy calorie count i'll have a v8 eat some cheerios and exercise for weeks on end. but if i want to get faded then i'm drinkin a six pack of dead guy ale, eating as much jaffa cake as i can and smoking copius amounts of marijuana. interesting post tho.

Acai -

But what beers did I have tonight Anchor 'Our Special Ale' and Heavy Seas Winter Storm

Acai Capsules -

Haha, now that is one awesome calculator. Definitely will come in handy. Thanks for sharing!

asp -

I used to think calories are calories, but then I saw this video: The Bitter Truth

Conclusion seems to be that if you don't want your beer turned into fat, combine it with lots of fiber and moderate exercise.

Are there high fiber beers?