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Scoats -

Nifty idea, but we wouldn't be able to do this here in the States, at least not in Philadelphia. All food we serve MUST come from properly licensed vendors.

Alan -

Yes, we had a Scots hotelier visit our house 25 years or so ago and he regretted one thing about immigrating to Canada - he could not serve deer that had been wrapped in burlap and buried for 30 days to get the proper texture.

Paul Garrard -

Just the name along is enticing, "The Pigs".
Great name.

brodie -

I serve shot food regularly, as you know.

Alan -

It is well know that I accept game sausages acquired from the pristine Canadian forest and will commorate such occassions with the gift of fine ale.

By the way, are you ever going to make duck sausage? Herb and duck...with a little orange zest in there, too. I am going on a run to Maine and will have plenty of...bartering goods.