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Stan Hieronymus -

Alan - Apologies for a post that's obviously US-centric, but US brewers may also benefit if the dollar continues to trend higher. Against both the Euro and the Canadian dollar.

Alan -

Yes, Stan, good point. When I beer shopped in Michigan last fall, it was with a 1.07 Canadian dollar. I head to Maine next week facing a 93 cent one. Big swing.

Knut Albert -

I saw on a German web site that the hop crops look very good this year, too. So we won't go thirsty after all..

ND Farmer -

Now the price for malt barley have dropped to an all time low, I want to see a decrease in beer cost. I'm not selling one kernal of the 20k bushel of perfect malt barley I have maybe I should start a brewery.

Alan -

Hey farmer - very good point. I have to admit I buy northern NY and NE cheddar when I cross the border. The best in the NY grocery is 40% of what it is here in Ontario (Cabot XX sharp is $8.99 a kilo) due to the drop in bulk milk prices. We have a milk marketing board which keeps prices up for the Canadian farmer.

If beer prices don't drop there isn't the market force to generate increased volume to take the malt off your hands. If that is the case, there is something going on in the market.

Amhemed -

I need sack for the barley prices now .I want sand to my cantery .