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Knut Albert -

Monopolistic is the word. Looks like a press release from the Kremlin!

The Beer Nut -

We do like our protests. If it's not the farmers it's the taxi drivers. A friend of a friend's mum who used to work as receptionist in the Department of Agriculture in Dublin had a sheep thrown at her by an angry farmer once.

What I don't get is the complete lack of context for that 1c-per-pint: how do we know that isn't completely reasonable? Or over-inflated?

Also, other Irish beer blogs are available.

Ian in Cowtown -


Both this and the previous post on barley crops are real gems and have only proven how little I know about the "upstream" end of brewing.
Diageo sounds every bit as hard-nosed and monopolistic as I would expect from a soulless multinational. I too, don't buy the black stuff from them, but I do enjoy Lagavulin and Glen Ord. Oh, who to side with - the farmers or the thirst...

The Beer Nut - he threw a whole sheep? That sounds like the wrong man to anger.

Knut Albert -

A live sheep or a dead sheep?

Alan -

As a matter of interest, which is to be preferred from the Norwegian perspective?

The Beer Nut -

I'm glad we've finally got to the crux of this important economic issue: the sheep was alive, but quite small. I'm sure he checked it was a decent throwing weight before he set off for Dublin in his tractor.

Knut Albert -

So, it was just a lamb, really?

Alan -

Classic. Bragging up the throwing of a sheep when it's just a lamb.