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Paul of Kingston -

Is Brakespear an LCBO offering?

Alan -

Just in locally last week. Quite worthy.

Paul Garrard -

The Poles being in the UK is great as we get wonderful Polish produce in our supermarkets (today I had Polish roast pork in my sarnies), and our plumbing gets done. I have no real desire to protect the pint either, but weights and measures are there to protect the public being ripped off, that's why we have the approved mark etched on our glasses. Besides why order a litre? Are they not man (or Woman) enough for two pints?

Stonch -

I bought a 9 gallon cask of this for the pub a few weeks ago. It went down reasonably well, the low strength making it popular at lunchtime. Properly primed, it kept condition right to the last. I've never had the bottled version.

On one of the days I had it on Pete Brown came in for lunch and seemed to enjoy it - I know you're a fan of his!

Bailey -

Recently, I've been enjoying Brakspear Bitter at the Westminster Arms, just near the House of Commons, in central London. It looks so attractive in the glass -- glowing, in fact -- that one of my colleagues abandoned a half-drunk bottle of Peroni for a pint of his own. Which was nice.