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Paul -

I regret to say I found this beer not to my liking when I tried it. I'll stick with theor blonde I think.

Alan -

I can see that it could be a slightly difficult beer to place and certainly not your standard "malty dark" but I found it very complex and evocative of Scots food, keeping in mind I am that kid of tartaned emmigrants.

Boak -

I'm intrigued. What on earth has the Suez crisis got to do with not being Scottish?

Alan -

My people scattered in 1956 from the old country to South Africa, NZ, OZ, the USA and Canada. Cousins went everywhere because they were certain another world war was breaking out. There was still rationing then, too, and the UK (as may be well known to you) was not in the best economic state. I am told the three factors which in 1956 were looking not so hot were Hungary, Suez and French Indo-China. And suburban Toronto looked like a safer bet for my branch of this wave of the tartan diaspora.