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Leigh -

wow - that sure is some great bar snacks there, almost tapas-like! imagine how your beer choices would be affected if faced with such great food. yeah, some of these nibbles rank among our faves - who wouldnt love a cheeky bowl of mussels? great post!

Paul -

Alan, this is nothing short of pornography :-)

I was never offered anything like this when I went to the USSR in the Eighties

Spencer -

"Gourmet" to me means "we want you to think this is something special, but really we tarted up something really cheap with some fake extra flavoring or something." I.e., "Gourmet" flavored coffee is usually the cheapest coffee you can find soaked in enough artificial flavoring so that you can't taste the stale bad coffee flavor anyway.

Alan -

My issue is not that so much as I love to access great ingredients directly and do the cooking myself. Add to that the possession of a great beer stash and one of my favorite patios to have a beer and bar snacks turns out to mean my own. I also grow a lot of herbs and other snack makers and that also provides me on the cheap with those things others buy for mucho.

zak@portlandbeer.org -

Mmmm..... sausage and fried rye....

I love real bar food.

Knut Albert -

I am planning a post about this - the best beer snacks I've found would be a bar in Sofia,where you get lovely tapas sized stuff.

But I, somehow, doubt that calamares is a traditional dish in Moscow.

Alan -

I don't know about that, Knut. We Nova Scotians certainly had a sea shanty we sang in the taverns of the dock area in Halifax back in the 80s about the Soviet squid jiggers. I just assumed everyone did.

Knut Albert -

I thought they were more of the pickled herring & cabbage school of cuisine.

Alan -

When I was a kid in the 1970s, the Soviet fleet fished herring off the shore in huge factory ships that you could easily see on the horizon. It was quite the thing. So we, of course, sang about that, too.

Nelson -

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Alan -

I usually delete spam but this is both topical and just nutty enough to deserve posterity. More on Astrakhan.

My only source for "dried up sticks made of the Astrakhan fish".

Daramy -

I saw these hot nuts on a blog and they look amazing in case you wanted something less filling. http://ahintofgarlic.wordpress.com/2011/10/06/perfect-with-an-ice-cold-beer-2/ I think they were from the bar at Union Square in New York?

Sergey Larin inyazserg -

Hello, Alan. I assume you might help me if you, because you are an experienced beer fan. I am writing to know about what you call these things which are made from bread and then are cut to pieces. You see, I am a Russian and once I wanted to tell about this snack to my Birmingham friend. This snack is terribly popular here as it is cheap and can be eaten with beer.
It`s dried, surely. It`s simply dried bread cut into small pieces.
May I leave a picture here to illustrate my question?


Sergey Larin inyazserg -

=) sorry for bothering you, but, in other words "What is "sukhariki" in Russian? Сухарики.

Sergey Larin inyazserg -

it seems to be I will get your answer some time later. Hope to get it.
And wish you best in your travels. Come to Ukraine and I`ll treat you with sukhariki =)