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Andy Crouch -

Hmmm, some of those folks look familiar. I've been on two trips total, one sponsored by an importer and the other, the above-mentioned one, by the Bavarian Government. While on the first, I talked about the issue of such trips with the other assembled beer writers, most of whom didn't see much problem. I eventually wrote about it, disclosed the free stuff upfront, and actually felt an obligation to be more critical than I otherwise would have been. On the second, I had less of a problem with a trip sponsored by a government organization and not by individual breweries. Now, I'm not sure that even the diffuse nature of that trip creates much of a distinction and I don't think we should be taking these trips. I again raised the free trips issue on the German trip and this time, many people saw the conflict. Now, I think several of those folks will be headed to STL for a trip I think most (including one invited writer on my site's comments) agree is problematic. As I said over on Stan's site, no one is without sin on these issues. Mine are out there...now what about the creeping, quieter ones for which there are no pictures and no disclosure...



P.S. My site gave me no warning it rejected any comments (damned automation). I'll have to check the link issue.

Stonch -

Now then. Your link to that photograph of the US beer writers in Germany brings us to another point: dishonest profile photos from journalists. They are common, but that doesn't make them any less unacceptable.

One of the people in that website looks like he put his head on upside down, and is not unlike a young Uncle Albert from Only Fools and Horses. You would never guess it from the photos on his own website. He isn't the only culprit but perhaps the most comical.

Alan -

Ooops!!! I just deleted Lew's comment as well as Stoch's last complaint about this all being boring. Damn. I just got back from a day away and deleted about 150 spam comments and offed Lew's in doing so. I will see if I can recover it...but sorry about that.

Stonch -

OK I'll just repeat my comment.


Can my favourite North American beer blogs please drag themselves out of this morass of navel-gazing nonsense please?

Alan -

I appreciate what you are saying, Stonch, but I have to add another link as Jay makes an extended and well considered post on this as well.

Lew Bryson -

Nah...I'm with Stonch. I'm bored.