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Stonch -

There's an elephant in the room when it comes to this discussion.

In general, grain and hop prices are a very small part of the total cost of commercial beer production. Taxes and utility bills are far higher, for example. Therefore raising retail prices based on increased grain costs was always a bit iffy...

Alan -

I think I heard a brewer say in Canada taxes are around 55% of beer cost while in the USA it is more like 35%. I am wondering what part of the price spike was also the 2007 rise (followed by the partial 2008 drop) on the Canadian dollar. I know a large part of US malting barley is grown up here and the move from an 80 cent dollar to a 1.10 one and back to a 98 cent one must have an effect in itself.

Alan -

Here is the sort of agri-fact on that idea that I can pluck out of the Great Information River and lay upon the bank for your consideration. This one is as graph-er-iffic as I have ever seen.