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Joe -

Swim to drink. There's no other way I've found to melt the calories away that works better than 1000 meter swim, five days a week.

Also, do not drink your calories, except for beer. That means no soda, easy on the juice, milk, froofy coffee drinks, etc. Go easy on the carbs, except for beer.

Drink water and beer only. Do the cardio stuff at least five times a week and you'll see results. Mileage my vary, of course.

Thom -

This is certainly a problem. I kept things is check for a long time until I started studying again. Now I work all day and study in the evening. Result: 20 pounds of extra weight in around 16 months. It's rough, but I love my beer, and when this study is done I'm back on the bike and in the pool.

Bob -

I run for fitness and mountain bike for fun. Somebody asked me once why I run so much and then ruin all that work by drinking “chewy” beers. They said I should be drinking Michelob Ultra. I said you got it backwards. I run so I can drink good beer.

Boak -

Calorie counting and being ruthless about it, at least to start with. I'm not sure this is a particularly healthy attitude, but it helped me cut back on everything else bad I was eating, because I could think "great, I've earned a beer now".

Exercise obviously helps - this gives you a bigger allowance.It sounds like you're doing plenty already on that front, but can you challenge yourself to do the same length of time faster?

Chuck away beers you're not enjoying. Drink halves.

2Dogs -

Well, I try to power walk 3 or 4 times a day and having 2 dogs, is how I keep at it all year round... other than that it's keeping the consumption down to 2 pints with dinner and no deserts.

At 47, I still got my mid-life belly but my overall health is still good.



Mark -

At the beginning of the year I went on a weight loss program that left me 42 lbs lighter and just a few lbs from a healthy BMI, which I always assumed was impossible or that the BMI was wrong. I started my quest by moving to lighter beers along with my calorie restrictions and exercise. About a month in I added back real beer, but kept my overall caloric intake a very small. I can justify my beer consumption much like Bob and Joe mentioned, by making the room in my diet for the beer by eliminating other things.