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Eric Trimmer -

I love Baltimore. It has tons of character and a lot of good, local beer, including Oliver's cask bitter -- one of my favorites.

Only $25 for non-contributers, eh? Sounds like a good deal to me. And I'm only a 45-minute drive away.

But unfortunately I will miss the event. I'm traveling a little further south for the holidays. From Pennsylvania to Disney World.

I wonder how the beer is in Orlando...

Matt -

Baltimore is a great city, I'm a native so I may be a little biased, but there are many wonderful local breweries & brew pubs. Cheers!

Alan -

Excellent. It looks like it is a go and I am going blind so any hints and tips are most welcome.

Eric Trimmer -


Here's a Baltimore suggestion:

Have brunch at Bertha's. Scotch eggs, Mussels and Oliver's Best Bitter (they call it Bertha's Best Bitter - contract brewed).

It's a tiny place, long but very narrow, and there are only a few beers on tap, but the bartenders are friendly and there's a bunch of crazy stuff hanging from the ceiling - like an old diving suit, some fake fish and a mannequin wearing a Planet of the Apes mask.

Captain Hops -

Good Baltimore brewpubs:

The Brewer's Art<br/>
DuClaw Brewing<br/>

Alas, the Inner Harbor location of Capital City Brewing will be closed by then, but perhaps they will find a new Baltimore location.

Looks like a fun event. I will check my calendar...

Paul -

Go for it Alan. I've never been a big Christmas fan but this sounds like a good way to get away from the normal festivities. When I was a lad my great-uncle Jack would every year say "Christmas comes but once a year, and when it comes it brings good beer." He was never wrong !

Hans -

Al, Now that you've whetted our appetites, so to speak, regarding your imminent publication, would you be able to provide a brief synopsis of what your chapter is about (without giving away the whole plot)? In other words, what is "Beer and Autonomy" all about?