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Mark Tichenor -

De smaak van de "Vichtenaar" kan men omschrijven als licht zurig en complex en dit door de lange gisting in eikenhouten vaten.

My nigh-fluency in German helps me puzzle out Dutch/Flemish. 'omschrijven' is 'describe' in this context. It kinda says 'One can describe The flavor of Vichtenaar as' and then a bunch of stuff I can't figure out.

Alan -

That makes sense as I remember from my Dutch residency of 21 years ago that "schrijvener" (author?) was a key word in proving whether you could speak Dutch with the "ch" being quite a horky gutteral. Being a kid of Scots immigrants such robust consonants are a piece of cake.

Ethan Cox -

Definitely means "to describe", the root "schriven" means "to write"

For the rest, though, I need my NE/EN dictionary. Basically, something about being lightly sour (licht zurig) & complex as as a result of a long fermentation in oaken vats.

Lew Bryson -

Nice beer, I'm sure, but...what a gorgeous background!

Alan -

I have been invited to the book launch for <i>Beer and Philosophy</i>, Lew, to be held in Baltimore so I need to check the best references available.