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justin k. -

In a sea of Chinese beers that are available across China,Snow is indeed one of the larger brands. There is also of course,Tsingtao,Zhujiang and Yanjing who are the other main brands.

I did try it over there but i would go back and buy either Tsingtao or Zhujiang when it comes to a basic lager.

Maybe it will show up here in North America?

Jack P. -

They call it Snow because it's all water. Horrendous stuff. Since it has no ingredients to speak of, it's cheap cheap cheap, and sells by the bucketful.

Steve Celuch -

I am an importer of Chinese beer.
Can I send u a six pack to evaluate for me, (Bull Brew).
Steve, 256-653-5400

yakhar -

Yeh I'm drinking Snow (flower) in Guiyang China right at this minute. It's cheap and cheerfull, we have to pay 15RMB for what is most likely fake Bud, the Pubu local beer is awefull and Tsingtao is just dull. The Snow's ok for drinking, the hangover could be worse althought the additives are a bit overboard. Comes in at least two types, Green bottle and clear bottle, no major difference I can detect. Watch out where those Eskimos go, don't drink the yellow Snow, just paid 2.9Rmb per bottle form the local supermarket, so hey it's VERY cheap.

marco zhao -

harbin beer ,have you had a try?