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Stonch -

Now wait a minute!

Read the article again. The opening paragraph says: " results out last week from the world's biggest brewers confirm that our love affair with lager has lost its fizz."

Note the reference to LAGER. Now read through the article - the beers and ciders mentioned are the macrobrew usual suspects.

Any mention of cask ale? Not one.

In fact, the damp and miserable summer has resulted in an upswing in cask ale sales, if what publicans are telling me is true. These figures are those from the big brewers, who are on the whole only producing law quality, cold, fizzy keg products. Frankly I'm pleased if people are drinking less of that stuff. It isn't good for them.

A smaller beer market in the UK isn't something to worry about, as long as the cask ale sector grows in real terms. Indications are that it will. Good news.

Stonch -

PS. Talking about weather-sensitivity - cask ale is definitely effected by weather. Sales usually plummet in summer. Cellars and lines warm up, and so does the beer.

I'm hardly surprised sales of ales in North America is less weather sensitive - as unfortunately most of it is served cold and fizzy all year around. That's not a good thing.

Solution? If you can't control the temperature in your cellar, serve a golden ale through a chiller. Hardly ideal, but if it allows pubs to sell real ale in summer, it's a good plan.