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terrycollmann -

That's what I like to see, Paul - a man so sure of his beliefs that he won't be deterred by the fact that he hasn't tried a new beer to condemn it outright, unseen and untasted.

Personally I'll wait until I've tried the new beer before I pass judgment on it. But I'd make the following points:

1) Your comment about East Anglian water being hard ignores the fact that all brewers alter the chemistry of their brewing water to suit the style of beer they're making and have done for the past 120 years. So that's irrelevant.

2)I'm prepared to give GK at least a nod of appreciation for allowing people a choice of sparkler or no sparkler - again, I'd like to see the system in operation, and try the beer under field conditions (with and without sparkler) before passing judgment.

3) There's nothing automatically wrong with cool ale: it depends on the beer, the ambient temperature, and other factors. As far back as the 1820s drinkers in India were chilling IPA to near-freezing, using the primitive cooling technology of the time, and greatly enjoying the result. Some beers - Viennese amber lagers, for example - work perfectly well both refrigerator-cold and cellar-cool. If St Edmunds has been brewed to be served at 6 to 7 deg C, then I suspect GK's brewers have got enough nous to brew something that tastes OK at that temperature, rather than suffering because of it.

4) I wonder if you'd like to go up to Leeds on a Saturday night, stand up in a crowded bar, and shout: "Froth is for big girls!" You could then give us your views on ambulance response times and Accident and Emergency facilities in the West Yorkshire greater metropolitan area. At least they'd be based on experience - which is more than your comments on St Edmunds are.

Alan -

Hey Terry. If you think that being rude is clever, go somewhere else. And only about 15% to 20% of what you have written pretends to be substantiated and, even with that low level of argument, you haven't included one link to support anything you've written. And what planet are you on? Are you even dimly aware that Greene King's business decisions are controversial? <p>Besides all that, nice try.

Paul -

Terry you are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine. You can't beat a good bit of debate.
My opinions are:
Greene King don't normally brew bad beer. Their quality is high. Sometimes a few are a little bland/homogenised.

Sparklers are an abomination.

I really do not like cold drinks of any sort. The cold deadens my quite accute taste buds. Cellar cool allows the complex flavours to come through.

I object to any brewery producing using one name for more than one beer (i.e. bottle vs cask)

Apart from my objections I do wish GK success with it as if they can wean people off 'Euro-fizz' then that's got to be good. I also have a few shares in Greene King.

Why would I want to go to Leeds ?

Casey -

I have tried the new St Edmunds ales. I was offered an option of North or South so I had to try both out of curiousity. I can't decide on a favourite as they are different but both equally as good as eachother. I still choose it now over any other beer I used to drink, its just unfortunate more places don't have it yet.

It depends on what mood i'm in as to which one I choose, if I need something more refreshing I tend to order south, the north does taste somewhat more bitter to me but maybe its just because the froth on the south dilutes the strength of the beer?

I dont know, all I know is I like it and I couldn't care less how its made, how hard the water is or that there was nce another beer by the same name. Theres a reason that doesnt exist anymore, and it was before my beer drinking days!!

I like the current st Edmunds, big thumbs up! The pump also looks good on the bar, very funky.

Tamás Németh -

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Weel Thatched -

pleasent memories but tough hangovers regarding St Ed's..

as teenagers our drink of choice was a "Braindamage" consisting of half abbot Ale and a bott of St Ed's......memories r blurred but what great times we had

wendy yardley -

personally this is the best ale Ive ever tasted, honestly I love it, full stop

ted hurst -

Had my 1st pint of St E at lunchtime ,guest ale , in my localand throroughly enjoyed the taste and thought to try and buy some bottles. It would seem from paul's history this is not possible. coul it change in the furure as living in the newcastle upon tyne area I do not think it is widely available.