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Alan -

Not to worry about having this particular price angst. This brewer has sold off their brands. Jens quotes the following message to shareholders from Christian Skovdal Andersen, co-counder and brew master:<blockquote class="smalltext">Dear shareholder,<p>

It is with great regret that I have to inform you that Gourmetbryggeriet has taken over 100% of the brand Ølfabrikken, that will continue as a brand within the context of GB. That means that you, as shareholder, still have your shares, but in a company with debt and very few assets. The debt will be repaid by me the undersigned and the director of the company Martin Larsen. All alternative solutions that would mean that we, the shareholders, would stay as owners, have been rejected by Gourmetbryggeriet and as a result I have dismissed myself.</blockquote>

Alan -

And in the end the end came quickly, if the disappearance of the website means anything.

Alan -

But here is a revival of sorts, a blog from the brewer now (and apparently formerly) brewing these beers for Gourmet bryggeriet. The latest Beer Advocate has plenty of useful information to keep these Scandinavian beer facts and people.