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Knut Albert -

Glad you enjoyed it, Alan, Nøgne ø has shown, against all odds, that you can brew decent beer in this country as well. I'll look out for Canadian beers, though they are not exactly easy to find around here.

Matthew -

I have had this and loved it. But it is a Baltic porter, no? A lager, I mean.

And, speaking of Baltic porters, I think Canada and Norway have downright warm winters compared to some of the more traditional sources for such porters.

The same brewer makes an amber (which I am pretty sure is an ale). I have not tried it yet.

Lars Marius -

Matthew: no, it's not a baltic porter. Nøgne Ø doesn't make any lagers at all. I doubt they even have the refrigeration equipment necessary to do it, and in any case it's not really their style. They've focused pretty much exclusively on English-style beers (and US-style interpretations thereof).