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Jason Tucker -

This sounds like a beer right up my alley! How are the hops holding up? I see that it was made with 10 different varieties, very cool.

I wish I could find anything from this brewery around where I live (Albany NY). I do see on their website that a distributor from Brooklyn has stocked their beers before, I think it may be time for a call...

wittaker -

Now I wish I kept some around. I was worried about those loose caps. Great beer.

Alan -

Another year later and there are still a few bottles left. A pronounced pffft leads to a clear pour. Still a great beer with a little bit of drying showing in the maltiness now. Incredible complexity at two years from brewing.

Alan -

Another year and a bit on and this is the second last Fred. Elegant. A bit of menthol now in the malt. The aroma is gorgeous.