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Jason Tucker -

Whipped cream and Punkin Ale? That sounds like something I might have to have my wife try out for me. She'll drink about anything with whipped cream on it.

I never heard the port and imperial stout thing before, interesting....

Stephen Beaumont -

Ah, Alan, if you <i>really</I> want to see the extremes of beer cocktail making, check out what Jamie Boudreau is doing here:
and here:
and even here:

eje -

I was going to suggest you check out Mr. Boudrau's site; but, I see Stephen beat me to it.

I can't say beer with whipped cream is particularly appealing; but, I was pleasantly surprised by an old-fashioned Ale Flip. Quite the warming beverage.

Alan -

In the interests of science, I also made a float from achingly stark Cantillon Fou' Foune and chocolate mint ice cream, the only ice cream in the house. It was good and brought out the peach by cutting down the acid but I would go with straight chocolate or maybe a good coconut one the next time.