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Spencer Thomas -


The Beer Depot, on E. William St. near Main St. in Ann Arbor has a huge selection (800 beers?), kept reasonably fresh. You can find beers from many Michigan breweries there. Bella Vino, on Plymouth Rd, about 1/2 mile west of the US 23 / Plymouth Rd exit, also is reputed to have a good selection, but it's not on my side of town so I don't shop there. :-)

Are you going to be here over Friday evening? The Ann Arbor Brewers Guild homebrew club is gathering, together with the F.O.R.D. club, for our November meeting, 7:30 to whenever. See our web site http://aabg.org for details. We'd love to welcome you as a guest. We would also be happy to give you a guided tour of the 4 brewpubs/microbreweries (other than Jolly Pumpkin) in the area. :-) I may not be here, as I am expecting a call to fly to Texas for a funeral any day now. If you are interested, email me, and I'll put you in touch with other members who can pick up the ball if I'm gone.

In any case, have a great visit!

Alan -

Hey that is great Spencer - and thanks for helping especially with this week's demands on you.

I will have to check with "my higher power" as we are doing a family shopping run as well so, err, my own agenda is not the only one. But any help you could provide would be great. That bourbon barrel project the AABG is undertaking looks really interesting. I'd brew more if I had that sort of gang around me.

jeff -

Go to Holiday Market in Royal Oak and Merchants in Dearborn. Those are the two best places for quality selection. All Michigan beers will be there - including Jolly Pumpkin - plus a lot of other nice Americans and Belgians. Those were my two places when I lived there. If you can get to Warren, you'll find two lovely brewpubs: Dragonmead, and Kuhnhenn. If in Clawson, Black Lotus is not bad. If downtown, Motor City Brewing.

It is about 40 minutes to Royal Oak and a little less to Dearborn from Ann Arbor. Well worth the drive.

brett maxwell -

Arbor Brewing in Ann Arbor is really good. Ashley's bar in Ann Arbor has one of the best tap selections I've seen. Bella Vino is a grocery store in Ann Arbor with a truly amazing bottle selection. If you're driving East from Ann Arbor, hit Kuhnhenn for sure, and Dragonmead if you have time. If you're driving west, hit Dark Horse and Bells. If northwest, Founders and New Holland.

Chris -

Would absolutely recommend Merchants in Dearborn - and if you like Lebanese food, La Shish just down the road is outstanding.

Stan Hieronymus -


Depends on what way you are approaching. If you are coming across I-696 then it would be possible to stop at Kuhnhenn Brewing Company and Dragnomead, two breweries who may have beer on site you can't pick up otherwise. Both worth seeking out.

Greg Clow -

This horribly detailed report on my trip down there last summer might help ya: Part One, Part Two & Part Three.

Greg Clow -

Crap, got a couple of those links wrong. Should've been Part One, Part Two & Part Three.

Alan -

Thanks Greg. I remember those posts now and good warnings in them. In my next life I will run a good taxi company in small cities throughout the USA.

Keith -

The Beer Depot is nice but a little pricey. If you happen to be near Maumee, OH (just over the line), check out Anderson's. It's a grocery/hardware/whatever store but their beer selection is very good. I never hit that area without stopping by.

Arbor Brewing is a must-stop. Good beer, decent food.


Alan -

Wow. I just spent an hour with Ron of Jolly Pumkpin and then bought a case of his 750 ml bottles for 8 bucks each. One of my best beer moments ever. More with the photos later.