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Lot, of Snow -

Best buys? I have to say, it never ceases to impress me that I can get Smuttynose Imperial Stout ($5 bomber), Bear Republic Hop Rod Rye ($4.50 bomber), Southern Tier Un*Earthly ($6 bomber), Stone Arrogant Bastard ($5 bomber), Great Divide Old Ruffian ($7.50 bomber), and Stone XI ($7 bomber) for less than $35 plus tax and deposit. What's that, 24 cents an ounce? Not too shabby.

Keith Brainard -

I think that value is more than just cost per ounce. I found Southern Tier Tripel to be a great value, not based purely on cost per ounce, but also on relative cost per ounce for other beers of the same style. In other words, it is a pretty cheap Tripel, and although it is not the best, it was still pretty good to me when I had it. In contrast, the Victory Golden Monkey Tripel I recently had was not a great experience for me, so even though it is relatively inexpensive within the style, it isn't a great value.

Paul of Suffolk -

There is always cheap beer, but who wants it:

"Supermarkets are selling beer at a cheaper price than water, fuelling concern over their role in Britain's binge-drinking crisis. ..." http://www.thepublican.com/story.asp?sectioncode=7&storycode=57628&c=1

Think I'd rather drink water than some of the god awful canned beer you get in supermarkets !

Alan -

That was an amazing bit of information. The same cans here seem to sell for about one pound to a pound and a half's worth of Canadian funds. Not 22p.

Chris -

I just picked up 6 of the recent release of the 2007-08 Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout in Calgary for $11.50, which is about 16 cents per ounce. This is a great value in my humble opinion.

Dave -

Great post. I've had 4 on your list and I totally agree. Especially the Vertical Ale. The beer goes up in price around here so it's great to get it when it comes out. A bottle of 04/04/04 goes for 20 dollars around here and it's good stuff. Anything from Ommegang is also a great deal for fantastic beer.